Our work begins with storytelling…

  • We script properties that provide rejuvenation, recreation, romance, comfort or connection.
  • We define the soul of a concept, then package it in a compelling way.
  • We use innovation to create special “places” of superior quality, timeless beauty and lasting value.

We create a Total Experience. Plus, we know our brands, and their intricacies, better than anyone.

Branding the True Identity

It is simple really. We listen to the market and it tells us what it wants.


At TBG Innovative, we define the soul of a concept, then package or “brand” it in a compelling way. We use innovation to create special “places”. Our mission is to focus on a few unique projects at a time that will make a visible difference in their markets. Our work is sensitive but strategic, likened to a game of chess.

We are innovative thinkers and not production minded. We want our projects to stand out, be unique and make a difference. Sensitively but energetically. At all times, our work is informed by a new generation of emerging global travelers.

Development Programming

Every phase of the process is seamlessly integrated for a Total Experience

To us, a Total Experience blends the market with economics, design & planning, costing, market positioning and finance. And all this must adjust to changing priorities. We provide a program that blends the market, site, and architecture, with “balance” and “synergy” as key drivers of the process.
A process that engages the imagination, transforming complex challenges into opportunities.

We are not production minded, but are innovative thinkers that want our client’s project to stand out,
be unique and make a difference – sensitively but energetically.

At TBG Innovative, ROI is also a “return on imagination” or “return on ideas”

Our Branding Methodology

We develop a strategic marketing and image plan to enhance the Total Experience.

Our Approach:

  • Define site, supply-and-demand, and demographic opportunities or constraints
  • Identify brands that will enhance or balance the project
  • Prepare a design strategy, based on perceived market and operational levels
  • Develop visual identities to work within fragile market dynamics
  • Assure that the property stays a leader in its market

Five Stages of Branding Identity:

True Identity is generally defined as a means of clearly communicating the characteristics which are central to any successful hotel or resort operation, using the Five Stages of True Identy.

  • Analysis of the “audience”
  • Marketing strategy
  • The “whole” Creative Concept
  • The Visual Identity
  • The Graphics/Imagery to tie it together