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We are TBG Innovative.  We are forward thinkers in a post-new-world dynamic. We create Immersive Experiences in unique locales.  We conceptualize, build and brand total visual identities.

We believe today’s world scene demands new thinking.  True leadership of thought will create a “newness” to our connected world. We are embracing new trends and plotting new trajectories.  Of course ,numbers and analysis will always matter.  But we believe we can do more.  We are here to challenge our industry’s status quo.  We develop projects & make places that embrace a completely new aesthetic.  A new paradigm.

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Investors:  Who want to break with tired traditions
  • Urbanists:  Who have the spark of an idea that needs cultivating
  • Architects & Designers:  Who see opportunities where others see constraints
  • Resort Developers:  Who are compelled by the desire to create

All of our clients have courage to make dreams real

Our passion is the exploration of the future.   We specialize in creating cross-platform destinations and experiences.  We create a harmonious fusion of economics, planning and design.  We honor the earth.  We embrace integrated and liveable design and architecture.  Combining culture, food and diets creating unique authenticity.  With profits.  We understand wellness… true wellness that is integrated into everyday life.  We understand the weaving of all elements to create a tapestry of life’s balance.  We work with the best to create the best.

We have been involved in destination developments in North America, the Caribbean, China, Mongolia, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.  Clients have included AECOM, Morgan Stanley, Citicorp, Pyramid Hotels, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Doral Resort & Spa and Doral Arrowwood Conference Center, Boston Harbor Hotel and Six Senses Resorts and Spas.

What Do We Do?

We offer an experiential knowledge of global destination creation.  We strive to lead our projects towards a new an evocative development paradigm.  Projects that embrace local culture, social customs, environmental opportunities and constraints.  And real economics.  To us this is true sustainability.  In doing these things, our projects go to the next level in concept, design, feel, marketing, execution, and value.  For the long term.


A Total Experience

We specialize in Total Experiences.  Profitable ones.

A Total Experience is vital to sustaining the project or concept for many years, enhancing market presence, cash flow and value.  Each of our projects is:

  • Focused.  Dynamic.  Inventive.  With striking elements
  • Designed to function and work efficiently
  • Pursues profit in the aspects of creation and delivery
  • Created to enhance value… continually

We always anticipate the needs of our clients and partners.  Our goal is to make dreams come true.  For them, for their guests, and for us.

Why Does it Matter

We challenge the norm and think “what can be” vs. “what has been”.  We avoid recreating the old., unless the business model is proven.   We jolt projects with new thinking, creativity and profits, embracing today’s complex world economies and market dynamics.  Creative and dynamically new, yet all number based.

Our Vision

  • Believe in something. Creativity is the future!
  • Have a value proposition to the approach
  • Preach from the soul & those that “get it” will come
  • Stand for something real and the money will follow
  • Know the end game, and as possible, an exit strategy

Our Resolve

  • Be willing to take risks
  • Work smart, not just work hard
  • Motivate those around you
  • Be RUTHLESSLY humane
  • Care about each other
  • Always care about the environment

Our Execution

  • Know Everything – Customers, guests, clients, categories and  competitors
  • Always ask:  What is the ONE thing you stand for?
  • Be relentless in the fine details.  The devil lives there
  • Use the right tools whenever possible
  • Know EXACTLY what your objective is

Our Best Work

We strive for energy of imagination, style and originality.  All to create great places for great people… places to work, play, gather, inspire and relax.

We view ourselves as theatrical art directors that script experiential and financial potential for properties.  We research, innovate, debate and balance the wisdom of expertise with new approaches to traditional challenges.  Plus… we love what we do.

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Our Team



Founder & President

Robert Colin Bryant creates five-star "great destinations" by blending economics and design to create places of excellence.



Urban & Landscape Design

Barry Brown is focused on creating places that respond to character, culture and strategic planning conditions



Project Manager

Austin Lowell Bryant possesses over 10 years of experience in branding and marketing in the entertainment industry.

Antonio Dallamano

Antonio Dallamano


Antonio Dallamano oversees the creation of new and exciting places and concepts with trend-setting branding initiatives.

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  • United States (Boston) Location:
    25 Storey Avenue, Suite 260
    Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 USA
  • China (Hong Kong) Location:
    262 Des Voeux – Sheung Wan
    Hong Kong SAR, China
  • +1.978.500.5050 (USA)
  • +852.8192.5772 (HK)
  • info@tbinnovative.com
  • www.tbginnovative.com